Build Captions and Usable Design into All eLearning

Adding captions is not sufficient to make content accessible to a deaf person who, essentially, uses English as a second language, according to accessible eLearning designer Wanda Blackett. There is a solution: universal design, which also addresses other barriers to access or understanding. “Accessible eLearning Benefits All Learners” explored the reasons for creating accessible eLearning […]

Seven Perspectives on the Potential and Risks for Learning

This experienced and diverse group delves into every facet of augmented, virtual, and enhanced realities—offering seven different perspectives examining the possibilities and implications that these applications have for learning and performance. Virtual, augmented, and enhanced reality applications are just about ready to explode into the consumer market. The inevitable explosion will mainstream this technology and […]

Encouraging The Online Learner Participation

Sustained, high-quality student participation usually doesn’t happen on its own in the online learning environment. The instructor needs to model participation, create assignments that encourage it, and foster an environment that supports it. Here are some ways that I promote student participation in my online courses. Use discussions as assignments. Rather than assigning an overall […]

Online Discussion Questions

Most online faculty know that discussion is one of the biggest advantages of online education. The increased think-time afforded by the asynchronous environment, coupled with the absence of public speaking fears, produces far deeper discussion than is usually found in face-to-face courses. But many faculty undermine this natural advantage by crafting poor discussion questions. The […]