Something Should Not Say to Emerging Readers

Through the whole, sometimes long and painful process, it‘s easy for parents to become impatient with emerging readers. We want our children to feel comfortable and successful when they read, and to love reading. So when kids struggle to sound out every word on a page, insist on reading books that aren’t the “right fit” […]

Design Can Inprove eLearning and reading Comprehension

Does reading comprehension suffer when learners switch from paper to screens? This question has been studied from multiple angles, with varied findings. There’s no definitive answer, but for eLearning professionals, a better question might be: How can eLearning design maximize learning potential and mitigate potential barriers to comprehension? Anyone considering implementing eLearning—or converting existing training […]

Moodle’s Newest Version Will Provide Clients with Improved Capabilities And User Tour Feature

Moodle, the world’s most widely used learning management system (LMS), has announced that the Moodle 3.2 release is scheduled for November 28. eThink Education, a certified Moodle partner, announced that the new features and fixes of Moodle 3.2—including notable improvements to theme and navigation, updated API and LTI, and the addition of a customizable User Tour […]

Without Glasses, You Couldn’t Read This Content

Most people think of blindness as the only visual disability, but limited vision can also make access to eLearning and other online content challenging. Reduced vision may worsen with age, and it can affect anyone. This article addresses visual disabilities, which are included in the “P” of POUR (discussed in “Accessibility from the Ground Up: […]

Writing a Good RFP

We’ve all heard the phrase caveat emptor (buyer beware), but too often we ignore it when selecting an eLearning vendor. One way to protect yourself is to write a solid request for proposal (RFP). An RFP is an invitation to the vendor to propose work according to criteria youset. Most RFPs contain three sections: 1) […]

Alan’s Books on Educational Technology provide ample inspiration and extensive practical tips

Alan November’s thought-provoking books on educational technology provide ample inspiration and extensive practical tips supported by engaging stories for transforming education. Readers will appreciate his well-organized, easy-to-follow approach, and will be moved to apply his principles to their own classrooms and schools straight away. Educators at every level and ability will find meaning in November’s […]