Remember the good notes in class is very important to learn a skill, whether it is college students, or students, are use to, I went through his own student, summed up a few ideas, we want to help.

Your notes are very significant since it’s possible a lot of the essential points about the subject are not covered by textbooks. Make sure you don’t fail in note taking through the following tips:

1. Bring an audio recorder. If writing while your professor is talking isn’t your thing, then you can benefit greatly from an audio recorder. All you have to do is to listen while your teacher discusses the subject, then transcribe everything or at least the important points once you get home. You are less likely to miss essential items as well since you can review the tape over and over again.

2. Create your own notes. It’s so easy to simply ask a generous and hardworking friend for his or her copy later, but there are actually some issues that can arise. One, you may not completely understand the person’s handwriting. Second, he or she could have missed out certain points from the discussion. Third, you’ll find studying more effective when you’re using your own notes.

3. Stay at the front. This is extremely important when you have problems hearing and seeing. Besides, almost always, the back is noisier, which can lead to your loss of concentration.

4. Always ask. If you can’t keep up with the discussion, then ask your teacher to slow down. If not, meet him or her after class so he or she can review your notes or you can request to use some of his or her materials for note taking.