Attention is the mental activity of certain things and focus point. Due to this point and concentration of people at the same time we can not perceive everything around, but only few of them perceive things. For example, in the classroom, students can only perceive the teacher taught not aware of the problem and other things outside the classroom, once distracted, will go to pay attention to things outside the classroom, and the teacher can not teach perceptual content. How actively cultivate attention, enhance all-round efficient?

Exams are coming up. Are you ready? Here are 3 ways to focus when studying:

1. Find a quiet place to study.

Often people are motivated by their environment. For example, if you hear fast or poppy music, you tend to move around a lot or even dance. On the other hand, if you find yourself in the company of friends, you can’t help but focus your attention on them. Simply put, when you want to concentrate on your lessons, it’s ideal if you find a quiet place to do it, such as the library, garden, or park. You can study in your room as well, though it may not be the most brilliant especially if you are easily tempted by your bed.

2. Train your mind to get rid of other things.

Being a student doesn’t shelter you from other responsibilities or worries. However, when you have to study, you should try your best to get rid of these issues and bring your mind to the duty at hand: understanding the lessons. This is definitely easier said than done, but if you practice meditation or even visual exercises, you’ll learn how to shut certain parts of your brain and redirect all efforts to books and notes.

3. Allocate a good time to study.

They say that you can do more if you’re an early riser, but latest studies reveal that this doesn’t hold true for everyone. This is because our biological clock is different from all the others. Thus, decide what time you’re at your best or energized and use it to be more productive by studying.

How to be prepared for an exam

To be honest, nothing will ever guarantee success in your exams. After all, you do not really know what types of questions your teacher is going to ask. However, you can drastically increase your chances of scoring high or even obtain a perfect score when you follow these handy tips:

1. Study way ahead of time. Rather than spend a lot of time online playing games or chatting with friends, you can use the hours to read chapters or take notes on advanced lessons. This way, if it is time to tackle them, you already know the topics by heart and you will not have a hard time studying them anymore.

2. Give yourself enough time to study. Granted, some teachers love surprise quizzes, but normally they give you enough time, such as days or even a couple of weeks, to cover all the topics for the exam. Use the lead time to properly divide your study hours. This is to prevent information overload and mental and physical stress.

3. Study with a group. Though it is also necessary you have to study all by yourself, you can also benefit when you do it with a group. For one, you can get information that you may have never caught or have missed during the discussion. Especially if you get to find a group who is caring and who shares your interest, studying does not have to be a burden anymore. Instead, you will feel more motivated as well as inspired.