They say that two heads are better than one. Though group study doesn’t work for everyone, it has considerable success on those who like to understand concepts more effectively and who prefer to learn from other people’s study habits.

Come on time.

Just because they love to study with a group doesn’t have to mean they won’t be studying among themselves. It’s highly possible that after you meet, they’ll head to their own rooms to study the rest of the materials. As a form of respect and as a way of not wasting any more time, make sure that you arrive at the designated area promptly. Also, see to it you can stress promptness to the other members of the group.

Find friends who share your interests.

You’re not basically studying there; you’re also socializing at a certain period. You need to be with people who respect your opinions and suggestions, who are open to what you can contribute to the group, and who can help you cope with study stress through occasional anecdotes or study breaks with them.

Prepare your study materials.

If you want to study with the group, ensure that you have something to contribute. Sometimes before the group meets, the participants divide topics or subjects among themselves, depending on the subject strength of every individual. If such division of tasks isn’t done, then simply bring along whatever you can for the group. It would do everyone a huge favor if you can also create handouts to save the others the hassle of taking down notes.