If you are serious about starting a career in the culinary arts, a professional culinary training program is a strong option to get into this growing and competitive field.

Why get Professional Culinary Training?
Obtaining a culinary education proves to potential employers that you are qualified to perform the functions of the job for which you are applying with confidence and skills. Investing in a culinary education also provides building blocks to move up into management positions, to start your own business and more.
Sure, you may be able to get a job in the culinary arts without professional credentials, but a professional education and immersion gives you the knowledge to take advantage of a variety of career opportunities, and can put you one step ahead of your competition.
What You Learn Through Culinary Education at ICC

At the completion of the course, you will have advanced to become a professional in the field of culinary arts.At the International Culinary Center, our Professional Culinary Arts program takes you through four levels, culminating in a paid externship that will put your new skills to the test.

Level 1: In the first level, you learn the skills you need to build a strong foundation for your culinary career, including basic knife skills, cooking techniques, food safety, ingredient classification, stocks and sauces and food preservation.


Level 2: This level builds on the first. Here you will continue to practice cooking, learn the art of butchering and work on your knife skills. Chef-instructors teach you how to think about the composition of your plates, a necessary skill as you work toward cooking professionally. Other skills you’ll focus on in Level 2 include food costing; menu planning; cheese, wine and spirits; seasonality, sustainability and nutrition; and menu and plating design.

Level 3: At this stage, you are ready to take on new challenges in the kitchen. Level 3 includes two volume-cooking sections, where you’ll sharpen your organization, time management and teamwork skills by creating a buffet for 50 guests and preparing a daily meal for ICC staff and students.

Level 4: In this level, you are introduced to French brigade organization used throughout the restaurant industry. Here, you learn and polish your culinary skills for consistency and refine your dishes while receiving actionable feedback you can apply to your future career.

Paid Externship: After completing all four levels, you’re ready to put your techniques and knowledge to the test in the real world. The externship program provides valuable vocational experience in noted restaurants, hotels and other food-related businesses, depending on your ultimate career goal.