Turning MOOC Cons into Pros

In recent years, MOOCs have developed rather negative connotations as a learning delivery platform: high attrition rate, middling rigor, heterogeneous student cohorts with widely varying skill levels and backgrounds, insufficient recognition of learning value, and an unsustainable “free” business model. Using a MOOC as a recruitment tool, rather than just a content delivery system, flips […]

Jhana Offers Targeted Coaching for First-Level Managers

It can be difficult for first-level managers to find their way. They might excel at specific job skills, but if they’ve never led a team or project before, they’re likely to have a lot of questions about managing others. An enormous industry provides management research and advice, but it primarily targets executives and corporate leaders. The […]

Providing 3-D Models Virtual Objects That Enhance eLearning

Imagine providing 3-D (three-dimensional) models for learners to study—medical models, 3-D reproductions of sculptures, geographic locations, even of people. Now imagine creating these models easily and inexpensively. Using a 3-D model moves learners toward fully immersive or augmented reality experiences and adds exponentially to the potential for interactive learning. Creating a 3-D model using photogrammetry […]

A Few Questions to Ask When Choosing a Virtual Classroom Platform

A virtual classroom platform makes it possible to offer eLearning in multiple synchronous formats. There are several well-regarded vendors and products to choose from, though, and it can be hard for a new eLearning developer to select a platform. Here are some questions that can help with that decision. 1. What type of eLearning will you […]

Blended eLearning for Editors Provides Focused Skills Practice and Engaged Learning

Members of many professions seek continuing education courses to sharpen or update their skills. But in a profession like editing, where contract or freelance work is very common, and where employers have drastically cut training budgets, attending conferences or in-person seminars is not always possible. What’s an education-hungry professional editor to do? Turn to eLearning, […]

Turn Effective Instructor-led Training to Captivating eLearning

The Institute for Creative Technologies at the University of Southern California (USC-ICT) is a US Army university-affiliated research center. This center conducts research and development for training across multiple domains including simulations, games, artificial intelligence models, virtual and mixed realities, and more. This article is a case study of learning technology work my organization is […]

Leveraging the paid-for knowledge and organizational knowledge: Merging Knowledge, Technology, and People

Forward-looking HR executives and chief learning officers know that their job is not only about facilitating the delivery of operational knowledge to their organization’s employees, consultants, and suppliers. They also realize that they can increase the overall operational efficiency and performance of their organization by identifying and leveraging the paid-for knowledge that has been neglected […]

360-Degree Video Puts Immersive Storytelling Within Reach

Are you among the many eLearning developers yearning to create immersive video for eLearning? Are you facing the prospect that a full-fledged virtual reality studio where you can create digitally generated immersive environments is not in next year’s budget? Don’t give up! A new kid on the video block, 360-degree video, offers developers an affordable […]

Forgetting Helps You Remember,That’s Why Spaced Learning Works

It turns out that forgetting is an essential part of learning. When learners (or educators) talk about “teaching to the test” and “cramming,” they are describing massed learning—attempting to learn and remember a mass of information in a single session or a few closely spaced sessions. That “learning” is measured by the learners’ ability to […]