A brand new company in the EdTech space just released an online platform for new student orientation. Campus Sail’s Online Orientation platform fully integrates with a school’s existing system in order to automate the onboarding process.

The company was born out of the higher education field. “Working at a college, we sat through countless hours of software demos and saw firsthand the lack of innovation in the field. It was seeing all the outdated software that convinced us to set out to build modern, innovative products. We wanted to build products that could increase a school’s productivity while also providing students with a great experience,” says Seth Miller, co-founder of Campus Sail.

Campus Sail handles nearly all aspects of the implementation and integration of the product.There were two main focuses when building out the orientation product. The first focus was a mobile-first mentality. With smartphones emerging as the main source of information for many students, this became paramount. The second focus was keeping the school’s involvement at a minimum.  Many third-party products on the market require extensive support from IT and dedicated personnel for maintenance. Campus Sail wants to change the current model by shifting the burden onto the provider. Some other features of note include:

Single sign-on (SSO) functionality from a student portal
Full access to all reporting data
Seamless integration with student information systems
About Campus Sail

Campus Sail has set out to build amazing experiences. To do that, they utilize the latest technologies to build software that enhances the lives of students.